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basic release plus

You should always provide us with all data according to our specifications.

Audio: 16bit * .wav file in 44Khz
Cover: 3000x3000px and resolution 300px

Please make sure that this is guaranteed in any case, otherwise we reserve the right to return your data and the order.

Please do not forget to enter the trackinfo and attach your file.

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  • We reserve the right, if your data does not comply with our guidelines, that we reject your track and refund the order.

    • 19 €

    Please make sure your cover size is at least 3000x3000px and the cover does not contain fonts and logos.

    • 25 €

    If you need a cover for your picture, just write us the order number and we'll book the right size.

    • 9 €

    for this option we will prepare all the banners (instagram profile, instagram story, facebook header, soundcloud header) graphically

    • 25 €

    We send your release to over 100 top blog addresses from the world of music. These include pitchfork, dancingastronaut, factmag and many more. The campaign runs altogether 40 days and after completion you will receive an evaluation via mail.

    • 34 €
    • (max file size 64 MB)

    allowed *.rar *.zip *.tar and *.tgz

  • >>> Need Your Trackinfo

    Please fill in here your detailed option about the track!

    Basic Options

    Please choose your genre. If your genre is not in the list, please select "other" and we as team set this in the release part.

    Here you can enter your own genre if you have not found a way in the selection window.

    Caption of your track and if you have been working with vocals.

    Please enter your personal releasedate. On our part and on the system side, we need about 2-5 days before your data appear in the system.

    >>> Social Media Contact

    Please enter your social media channels so we can get the most out of your release presentation.

Image 1
Please do not use your own writing. Also no further description in the cover picture insert.

Image 2
If you make your cover yourself, then please just only the picture and not more.

Image 3
This is how your cover looks when we adapt it to the guidelines of all streaming services.