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In fact it became very easy

to release tracks for independent artists. Publishing music nowadays is not a privilege belonging to big music labels anymore. However, the fact, that it became so easy to release music for independent artists made music labels more and more relevant. Why? They have a big network, they can increase your range of coverage, build your identity, take care for making people listening to your music. So what are the positive news then? You can still be an independent artist, but outsource the marketing aspect of it!

We win if you win

We want you to stay independent, but still get people listening to your music. We are a team of visionaries, music enthusiasts, marketing experts and business developers. We combined expertise in all of these sectors and finally want to use this knowledge and our network to build your fanbase.

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It's absolutely a pleasure to work with Sascha from wechselstrommusic and also the owner from - he is a true professional who cares about his artists very much and truly understands marketing, highly recommend him for any artists looking to expand their fanbase
Nathan Wolve
Nathan Wolve@nathanwolve
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MyMugo is a very good possibility to grow my musical influence and share my Music with the World. With the mymugo services , I have more time to produce my music, because mymugo is a great networking base.
Natalie Exland
Natalie Exland@natalieexland
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I'm very glad I found mymugo. The manager suggested changes in mixing to improve the sound of the track. Recommended the desired release date, and even helped with the selection of photos. I will be glad to further cooperation!